Event APIs

Myriad supports an API to update events. This can be used to tie in other applications or for updating event status from a build script or other automated tooling. The Help button at the top will display the application documentation. Selecting the API Docs button will then show detailed information and examples.

For example, a build script for a lower environment might automatically:

  • Create an event
  • Start the event
  • Provide a status update
  • Associate work items
  • Finish the event
  • This causes email alerts to be sent to the subscribed users automatically, eliminating the need for manual emails.

Accessing the API

By making a POST to the URL https://myriad.corp.com/api/event/AddUpdate you can add, create, and edit events. There is a PowerShell module that allows users to perform these operations directly from the command line. The module can be downloaded from here.

Example PowerShell Command

Creates and starts a new event for a CCB deployment to MOD with 3 work items:

  • $event = Push-MyriadEvent -Environment MOD -EventType Deployment -Application 'CC&B' -AssignedTo 'Heidi Smith' -Impact Medium -Status Start -WorkItemIds ('D-03800', 'D-03646', 'D-03847') -ScheduledEnd ([DateTime]::Now.AddHours(1))

Adds a status note to the event that was just created:

  • Push-MyriadEvent -EventId $event.eventId -Note "Work Continues"

An alternate way to add a status without access to the Event’s ID:

  • Push-MyriadEvent -Environment MOD -EventType Deployment -Application 'CC&B' -Note "Work Continues"

Finishes the event:

  • Push-MyriadEvent -EventId $event.eventId -Status Finish

An alternate way to finish the same event without access to the Event’s ID:

  • Push-MyriadEvent -Environment MOD -EventType Deployment -Application 'CC&B' -Status Finish