Designed to help you quickly build amazing web applications, Coalesce is a rapid-development code generation framework, created by IntelliTectopen in new window and built on top of:

What do I do?

You are responsible for the interesting parts of your application:

  • Data Model
  • Business Logic
  • External Integrations
  • Page Content
  • Site Design
  • Custom Scripting

What is done for me?

Coalesce builds the part of your application that are mundane and monotonous to build:

  • Client side TypeScript ViewModels for either Vueopen in new window or Knockoutopen in new window that mirror your data model for both lists and individual objects. Utilize these to rapidly build out your application's various pages.
  • APIs to interact with your models via endpoints like List, Get, Save, and more.
  • Out-of-the-box Vue Components or Knockout bindings for common controls like dates, selecting objects via drop downs, enums, etc. Dropdowns support searching and paging automatically.
  • A complete set of admin pages are provided, allowing you to read, create, edit, and delete data straight away without writing any additional code.

Getting Started

To get started with Coalesce, you first must choose which front-end stack you wish to use - Vueopen in new window, or Knockoutopen in new window. While the Knockout stack is still fully supported, the Vue stack is the newer, more modern stack and Vue itself has a much bigger worldwide community and ecosystem of libraries, components, plugins, support, and more. The Vue-based stack is the one that will be receiving the bulk of development effort in Coalesce going forward.

If you still need help choosing, check out the overviews for each stack:

Once you've made your decision, check out one of the two links below: